Hi, I'm Bernardo Rittmeyer. I'm a software Engineer.
Here you can find some of my thoughts on software and life.

Another Summer at Mozilla: Password Manager

Another summer went by and one more amazing internship reached it end. It’s that time again, when I talk about how was my internship and what I did during the summer.

About Submiting Asynchronous Forms

I’ve seen some websites having problems with browsers autocompletion functions recently and I thought I should write something about it. My browser simply would not recognize some asynchronous form submissions and would not save my password. Like everyone else, I love my autocomplete and I don’t like who don’t let me use it.

Mozilla Internship

It’s more than time I should write something about my Mozilla Internship during this summer. Expect pictures and awesomeness.

Dynamic DNS using CloudFlare

Some months ago I finally got my hands at a Raspberry Pi. Much like any other descent person I started trying all sorts of fun and useless projects on it. Finally I settled down with a boring, but useful, XBMC media server.