Hello World! Sep 9, 2014

Hello there, welcome to my new web site. I made it more like a blog this time. I’ll try to adventure myself into writing some interesting and hopefully useful stuff for you. With some luck it will be fun to read too.

I’ll try to write somewhat frequently in this new space. I plan to talk mainly about web development, Firefox features and tips, and other related things.

By the way, this blog is using Jekyll for static pages generation. Although I’m not a big ruby fan, for now it has been a pleasure to use. It’s very customizable and simple to use, quite a rare combination. Be prepared for some blog posts about it in the future, after I’ve got more experience using it and find out enough to rant about.

While you’re here, why not go ahead and take a look at my About page? I would also really enjoy if you want to get in touch so we can discuss some crazy and fascinating ideas.

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